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In 1734, LaVerendrye, on his search for the Western Sea, stumbled upon a very special place. Forests teaming with wildlife, lakes abundant with fish, massive rock cliffs, valleys painted with wildflowers of every color. The Ojibway people had long enjoyed this special place. While traveling throughout the Park, you are treated to miles of scenic beauty dotted with peaceful picnic areas, beaches, tennis courts, and cozy resorts. In the Fall, when the trees are painted with vivid oranges, yellows, and rust, the Park is spectacular, like an artist's palette.

Petroforms can be found at a number of sites in the Whiteshell. A short walk down a wooded path leads you to the Petroform site at Bannock Point. Rocks, laid out on the bedrock, in the shapes of snakes, fish, and turtles, were believed to have been made centuries ago by Aboriginal people for their value in teaching and healing ceremonies. During the summer, interpreters offer tours of the Bannock Point site.

Lilly Pond The Fish Hatchery at West Hawk Lake raises trout, walleye, and other species to replenish Manitoba's fishing stock. Tours are available.

The Lily Pond was created 3.75 billion years ago by advancing glaciers which left the high rock cliffs surrounding the pond. During the summer, the pond is covered in a blanket of white and yellow lilies.

At the Alf Hole Goose Sanctuary, you can see Canada Geese at close range. Each spring a flock of over 200 birds returns to the Park. The goslings hatch from mid May to June. During the summer months, the visitor centre offers a Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuaryvariety of interpretive events. The centre displays the history of the sanctuary and the biology of Canada geese. There is also a self-guiding hiking trail and an observation gallery overlooking a small lake. Geese flying in formation fill the sky when they suddenly break formation and swoop down, seeking only a brief rest before continuing on their journey south.

Whatever season you choose, Wildlife can be viewed. Deer, fox, otters, and chipmunks are just a few of the animals that roam the Whiteshell.

Trappers Museum

The Whiteshell Trappers Museum was built by local trappers in 1997. It was modeled after a typical trappers' cabin, but is a little larger to accommodate company. Drop by and visit with an honest to goodness trapper. He or she can answer your quest ions about the history of trapping and the fur-bearing animals of the Whiteshell.

A visit to the museum will also show you about modern trapping techniques and the important role trappers play in wildlife management. You can learn about the trapping lifestyle and the wildlife of the Whiteshell. The Whiteshell Trappers' Museum is located on the grounds of the Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary and the Visitor Centre at Rennie, Manitoba on the edge of the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Museum hours are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday-Sunday and Long Weekends June-October. For more informat ion on the museum, to book a tour or to arrange for a Whiteshell trapper to speak at your group or school, email henschel@granite.mb.ca.

Rainbow Falls is a popular stopping place for visitors and camera enthusiasts. The falls boast a wheelchair accessible dock for handicapped fishing enthusiasts and can be reached by car or a 4 km hike.

The Whiteshell Natural History Museum is located at Nutimik Lake. This museum is an authentic log building, which houses a superb collection of bird and animal specimens of the boreal forest.

West Hawk Museum

Museum of Geological History at West Hawk Lake, has displays of geological interest, including the history of the formation of West Hawk Lake as well as other interesting facts unique to the area.

The incredible natural beauty of the area, the varied recreational options, and the first-class accommodations have made the Whiteshell Provincial Park the destination of choice for that special get-away!!

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